losing ground / by Caitlin Legere

In the canyon at dawn, I felt the eagle. Unmistakable, he flew past us on an early morning hunt. As the world around us degrades by our ignorance, for now, at least, some things prevail to do as they have always done. I can not bear the weight of being human some days. Knowing what I am responsible for. I look at what life provided and say - why was it not enough? Why selfish and sparkling intelligence should set us about a course unwittingly to destroy the beauty we seek endlessly which is surrounding, not eluding, us, I do not understand. The eagle, white head, golden mouth soaring span stretched nearly to touch the winter white banks of Rio Grande. Not even Chaos can find its balance now. Hither come the dark spirits. Go. Sit. Be still. Try not to break anything else today.