The artwork of Caitlin Legere is a space where dualities and worlds emerge, or in fact, proliferate. To experience her work wholly, one must take on an attitude of “negative capability”—the act of accepting opposing truths as multiple, simultaneous. For inside her pieces lie a multiplicity of worlds in which landscape becomes portrait, portrait becomes landscape, human becomes animal, animal becomes plant, plant becomes color, and color becomes line. This fluidity does not suggest disorientation; rather, it invokes the most imaginative spaces within the viewer, and tangles the lifelines of the sacred and mundane in a dance which is unique to Cat’s artistry and her vision of space, object, and subject.

There is a sensitive attunement to the everyday in much of Caitlin's work. Her versatility with medium, however, suggests an unboundedness by the physical world and facilitates the sense that the realness of her subjects are also reflections of that which comes from a pre-physical space—a space where nostalgia is felt ahead of time, and the stone is also ephemeral. Bits of machinery, flowers drying on the stem, a girlish figure whirling within a muddled forest, and minimalist diptychs all populate the worlds she creates wherein the everyday and the physical emerge as universes unto themselves.

Caitlin's work presents itself as undeniably awake and yet involved in the mystery of dreams; lose yourself here and you will find yourself on a trip to the edge of the universe wherein you arrive only to find that you are home. Caitlin SchollJuly 2009