An early childhood filled with encouragement and praise lead me to believe in myself as an artist. The support of my family; bibliophiles, artists, musicians and mystics alike gave me confidence to claim my passion. I grew up in the middle of New York, at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk rives, in the lush green valleys littered with the aging steel and scream of trains and industry. I was incubated here, until the age of 21 when, upon completing my degree in Studio Arts with a new knowledge of poetry, art and music, I came to Taos, New Mexico and proceeded to cultivate my inspirations. Developing skills in graphic design and photography, discovering the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, finding a family and embarking on the journey of marriage and adulthood have brought me to the present day. The depth of spirit here keeps me attentive and on my toes, even tires me out sometimes. But when I am awake, attuned, and with the flow, I have found that the access to the creative stream and the energy of the mountain is wholly effervescent and pushes forth its impression through me. I hope the work will move you as it is constantly moving me.